I am Steven, author of The Simple Dev. This is my personal blog to show off some of my work, share thoughts on development, share awesome meme's, and share information about myself.

I am a 40ish year old full stack developer who lives in the Midwest. I work entirely remote and would have it no other way. I head up IT for a financing company and lead a team of extremely bright individuals.

I have been programming since I was 9 years old starting with GWBasic. Through the years I have built and maintained systems in C#, C++, PHP, Python, and Nodejs. I started using Node.js with version 0.10.27  and never looked back.  Currently almost all of our systems are written in Node.js.

Our current stack includes React, Node.js, Ubuntu Servers, and MSSQL Databases all running on AWS.

You may notice I do not have a lot of recent activity on my Github and Stack Overflow accounts. This is just the toll of life getting in the way. In the years since I was extremely active I have been promoted to IT Project Manager at my company (Read "Head of IT", as I report directly to the president of the company), I have also gotten married and had two beautiful children I do my best to spend time with. This has left little time in my day for helping other developers in my free time, or contributing to open source code.

Me and the family

I have a passion for retro video games, old technology, and computers in general. I am a huge geek and have many interests. Here is a look at my office.