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Software Engineer II - CallPotential/Storable - 12/22 to present Link to heading

As part of the Feature Team at Call Potential, I was involved in creating the company’s first AI Agent using an LLM (Large Language Model). My role focused on setting up voice interaction capabilities between inbound phone calls and the AI Agent.

  • Managing bi-directional audio streams. This was important as it allowed us to integrate seamlessly with twilio.
  • Streaming text-to-speech and speech-to-text was critical for real time voice communications
  • Designed breaking our monolithic prompt up into smaller sub-prompts
  • Configured the user intent system to work with our prompting.
  • Collaborated on design and function with my team and the product owner

This project coded in C# was approached with a Domain Driven Design methodology, emphasizing robust and scalable solutions. Other duties include expanding existing Angular Web Apps and maintaining our legacy PHP backend.

Lead Software Engineer - Smart Sales and Lease - 02/15 to 12/22 Link to heading

  • Transitioned from Software Engineer to IT Department Head. I reduced IT costs by 65% through migration to AWS cloud technologies.
  • Led design and development of key systems including Call Center, CRM, Customer and B2B Portals significantly improving operational workflows.
  • Managed a development team to create ‘Daily Stream’, a web-based screen capture employee monitoring system using WebRTC, Node.js, and AWS.
  • Oversaw all technology decisions, employee hiring, and budgeting, streamlining department operations and fostering a culture of innovation.

Full Stack Developer and IT Consultant - 09/05 to 03/18 Link to heading

Starting with Help Desk style support, I moved to WordPress Plugin Development and eventually to specializing in secure communication and custom CRM systems using PHP and JavaScript. Key clients included Smart Sales and Lease, Tier3 Services, Accolade Support, Timesheet Mobile, Gurus2Go, and Advanced Health.