Getting Started

Welcome to The Simple Dev. This is a quick article designed to get your development environment all set up.

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Getting Started

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First, download Visual Studio Code here

Second, download MySQL Workbench here

Get a 60 day $100 credit at Digital Ocean here

Install both programs.

Open your visual studio then click on "Terminal" at the top

From there click on "New Terminal"

As long as you have Windows 10 Fall 2018 build update installed, which you all should, then you will be able to access the ssh coomand.

In the terminal that you opened type in the following command to ensure you have SSH


You should see something like that above.

If you do then type in

ssh-keygen -b 4096

It will then want to store it in C:\Users\{username}\.ssh\id_rsa

That is perfect, this will put it right where we need it to use SSH.

Do not set a passcode this is not needed and will be a pain.

Now click on the four squares on the upper left side of your Visual Studio Code

I recommend the following plugins for your visual studio code.

  • DotENV by mikestead
  • Duplicate action by mrmlnc
  • GitHistory by Don Jayamanne
  • Github copilot by Github
  • GitLens by GitKracken
  • Image preview by Kiss Tamas
  • MySQL by jun Han
  • One Monokai Theme by Joshua Azemoh
  • Remove Empty Lines by Alexander
  • SFTP by Natizyskunk

That should get you all set.